Whenua Warrior was founded in 2017 by Kelly Francis who one day, while working at her corporate job, came to the realisation that the food systems in needed to change in order to address food insecurity and promote food sovereignty in Aotearoa.

The way Kelly envisioned this happening was to reflect on the solutions of our tupuna and bring them forth to solve the social issues we face today.

Soon after Kelly then made it her mission to grow an edible garden accessible to every New Zealander. In doing so, Kelly had dreamt that she would feed the community, teach the community to feed themselves, and empower them to feed each other.”

Ko Wai Mātau?

Whenua Warrior specialises in Mahinga Kai, Community Engagement, Environmental Conservation and Preservation, based on hua parakore principles and matauranga maori. Whenua Warrior draws from matauranga maori – solutions our Tupuna had and lived māori experience to inform, advise, empower and grow kaitiaki to protect taonga tuku iho. We are committed to nourishing communities, nurturing connectedness to the taiao and prioritise kaitiakitanga. We work with whanau, hapu, iwi, marae, schools, local and central government, supporters and all who are committed to making positive change for the wellbeing of our people and our land.

The purpose of maara kai is to have the ability to produce sustenance for your whanau and collectively for your hapu. Maara kai starts with the soil and ends with our puku being full. We draw on traditional food growing and medicinal practices that contribute to community and whanau leading happy, healthy and cultural lives.”